Your new Malgra Account Portal

A warm welcome to your new Malgra Account Portal.

This website has been developed following feedback from Malgra Account holders since we initially launched the network in September 2019. The portal design is provided to make accessing your account benefits easier than ever before – all in one place, through the simple menu function on the side of this screen.

If you’re using a mobile device, you may find some sections do not display correctly – unfortunately due to the size of mobile screens, it’s nearly impossible to provide a full service to you, therefore we recommend viewing the portal through a business device such as your tablet computer, or a laptop/desktop computer. To download our resources, a mobile phone will not be suitable.

The network will not fully move to our new portal until the new financial year, when we’ll be launching some new features and integrating our network into a one stop shop to help you and your self employed business.

If you have any feedback or questions on the new design, please do get in touch with our team

Once again, welcome to your new portal

Team Malgra x