Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Many groups are currently running on the virtual Zoom platform, and one key feature is the ability to make your background look different.

Many consultants are using their visuals to create an engaging backdrops, but if you don’t have a business area of the home, or want to block out the background of the kitchen (as in our recent webinars!), Zoom also has the ability to make a ‘virtual background’ for you.

Virtual Background

To change your background:

  1. Click the ‘gear’ icon within the Zoom application
  2. Choose ‘settings’
  3. Select ‘Virtual Background’
  4. Browse through the system options, or click the + icon to add your own


You could choose something corporate…

Or even something magical..

If you have a photo of your group layout, you could even use that – or if you’re talking on topic about something, how about a background of food?

BBC Backgrounds

The BBC have released a number of backgrounds from popular TV shows over the years. You could have a background of the Nags Head pub, or even Strictly. There’s a wide range of options from a range of programmes!