Updating your internet browser

Security issues are on the rise, with more hacking, fishing and spam emails than ever before. Our website and service is not immune, and just like most websites, we receive a significant number of attempts to access information on our systems everyday.

In the background, we run a secure server which is protected by a range of products to avoid any information being accessible to unauthorised persons. Our website host (WPX) monitor the website throughout the date, and create regular backups.

To keep things secure on the front end, and for best personal safety, you should ensure your internet browser is kept updated. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge for example) will do this automatically. However some older ones may not allow updates, or your computer may be restricted from updating these.

Over the next few weeks, and for the foreseeable future, we’ll be notifying users and visitors to our website that their browser is out of date or insecure, and prompt to update. You’ll see a message like the one below to warn you should our systems identify an issue with your browser

The warning is designed to inform you that the browser you have may be liable to security issues or performance, should you not have the latest version, with the ability to update your browser.

From October, we’ll be fully supporting only the latest browsers, to ensure that secure access to your data and accounts remains possible. Outdated systems, such as Internet Explorer are likely to have major compatibility issues with modern websites, and you may find that some features do not work.

To check if you have an up to date browser, you can check here.