Tax Knowledgebase – Changes to Access

Our knowledge base was launched several years ago, and provides access to a wide range of articles for self employment, particularly around the complexities of income and expenses for consultants.

However we’ve noticed an increased number of visits from non-consultants, and have received increasing numbers of enquiries from other visitors to the tax guide. The increased server costs, and staff time are therefore unsustainable and ultimately the cost would be passed onto our business.

As part of our Malgra Free membership, access to the Tax Guide has always been limited, with a cap on the number of articles viewed as 10 per day, however logins were deactivated following the outbreak of covid.

From 1 February 2021, you’ll need a Malgra Free or Malgra Plus account to access the Tax Knowledgebase.

We currently provide two membership options, Malgra Free or Malgra Plus. The below table shows the access restrictions which will be in place from 1 February 2021:

Current LimitsFrom 1 Feb 2021
Malgra Free AccountView 10 articles per day15 articles per day
Malgra Plus AccountUnlimited AccessUnlimited Access

If you have any queries, please contact our support team directly.