System Upgrades, Maintenance and System Availability

At Malgra we’re here to keep your data safe. Information which you provide to us, as part of your membership, or through our services (such as Cloud Spreadsheets) is treated with our full concern, to ensure that no data is shared with any third party, without your prior permission. You can read more about privacy in our policy here.

Unfortunately, viruses, hacking and malware are now common across the internet, as people try to gain from others. In order for us to keep our systems up to date with the latest security patches and run upgraded servers, we need to occasionally update our systems and keep things running securely. As such, we occasionally have ‘down time’ and maintenance where we conduct these updates – usually away from core business hours, where possible

To become transparent about these updates, you’ll now find our published system availability on our dedicated Network Status page. This page uses an ‘API’ which means it constantly monitors our systems and services to check if there’s any issues – and if so, it’ll alert us to the issue, and provide an update to members and clients using the dedicated website. It also confirms any updates which are scheduled or any of this ‘down time’, so that you can plan around any changes which are taking place.

You can view the Malgra Network Status by clicking the link at the bottom of any page.

If you have any queries about our network, system availability or upgrades, please do get in touch.