Spreadsheet Feedback / Feature Request

If you’ve a suggestion or feedback for our Malgra Accounting Spreadsheets, we’d love to hear it. In fact, since 2013 we’ve been developing tools for Self Employed Slimming World Consultants, and every feature or tool we provide has been based on feedback from consultants.

Have an idea? Request it here!

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Below are some of the requests we’ve recently had, and what we’re looking into… although we’re unable to promise to implement all or any of these, we’ll take any feedback or comments/suggestions into account for future versions of our spreadsheets.

Feature requests for future spreadsheets

The below list is some of the feature requests we’ve received so far…

  • Printable entire spreadsheets (formatted as a book!)
  • Links to relevant support articles
  • Videos to show how to complete sections of the document
  • More webinars!
  • Cloud spreadsheets – compatibility with Microsoft Apps for iPad
  • MTD Compatibility for Self Employment
  • Ability to add group name / date as well as the group number