New: Track Cloud Spreadsheet Requests

We’ve introduced a new feature to allow you to track the status of your Malgra Cloud Spreadsheet requests.

When you request a new Cloud Spreadsheet, our system sends your request to our technology partner Microsoft to generate a new spreadsheet on the Malgra Cloud, hosted by Microsoft Azure. The new tracking system will allow you to see where the generation is up to – but can also send you a text message once the spreadsheet is ready to use.

This system is currently being trialled by other areas of our team, and with our Making Tax Digital (MTD) Beta group of consultants, who are trialling new features for our network, and to ensure we’re ready for the HMRC MTD service.

Check the status

To view the status of your request, visit your Cloud Spreadsheets dashboard and choose the tracking option under the ‘request spreadsheets’ tab. The workflow dashboard will then display as shown below.

From here, you can click on your request to view the status. This will be listed in the ‘step’ column.


When your spreadsheet is ready, we’ve send an email to confirm that the link is available within your account. Your workflow task will also change to ‘Completed’ and update accordingly.

If you would like us to send a text message once your Cloud Spreadsheet is ready, you can now add your mobile number to the request form.

Numbers should be entered in the international format, so for example, 07700 912345 would become +447700912345 to allow our system to send a text message confirmation, like the one here.