Malgra Mobile App

Current app screen images from version 1.
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Current Feature List

  • Your Profile (Basic info)
  • Covid-19 Hub Feed
  • Latest News / Updates Feed
  • Knowledge Base (basic content currently added)
  • Malgra Message Centre (group query notifications only)*
  • Virtual Account Calculator
  • MTD Service Link (latest submission info only)*
  • Webinars Listing (upcoming events)

Currently Scoping / Planning…

  • Push Notifications for updates (i.e. store orders, new services, and updates etc)
  • MTD Dashboard History (Last Financial Year)*
  • Advanced Profile view and editing
  • Knowledge Base fully restyle complete to work seamlessly on mobile app
  • Malgra Message Centre Full Integration*
  • MultiGroup Virtual Calculator
  • Online Store Integrated (purchase books, etc)

But also thinking about…

  • eLearning Centre Integration
  • MalgraBooks Client Dashboards*
  • MalgraBooks Alternative App*
  • Rewatch previous Webinars
  • Mileage Tracker (On the go)
  • MTD Submission via App
  • User video guides
  • Online training videos
  • Other exciting ideas to follow…

*Some items are only for certain users, and subscriptions and not available to all.

Video Examples

Video Walkthroughs

Note; These videos show version 1.0 using an Apple iPhone.

How to login to the app

Navigating the Knowledge Base

Virtual Group Calculator

Mobile app test status

Thank you to our dedicated testers who trialled version 0.5 – 0.8. The test builds have now been removed.