Malgra Group Directory

Covid-19 and Virtual Groups

We’ve enhanced our Directory Listings to now show details of virtual groups – potential members can get in contact with you by email through your free listing!

Looking for some free adveritisng for your group? Our group directory links directly to Google, Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo! Maps, providing a better chance of your group information being found on the internet.

You can create a profile in minutes, we’ll automatically generate a Google Map to find your location, as well as a contact form (to avoid your email address being visible to spam). You can also add information about your group, achievements – even pictures too!

This service is free to both Malgra Free and Malgra Plus members.

To access this benefit, simply visit whilst logged into your Malgra Network Account.

Our system will then allow you to add/submit your group information.

Just to note..

Our directory connects to Google, Bing and Yahoo! Maps (Nokia) and sends regular updates of group listings. The system will therefore enhance your digital profile and provide more opportunities for free publicity and for people to find your group. We cannot guarantee that your information will appear in search engines, but this is an additional push which can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).