Last Date for 2019/20 Cloud Spreadsheet Requests

Note – change due to HMRC revised guidance

Since this article was published, HMRC advised on 25 January that the deadline for submission would be extended to 28 February. As such, the new deadline for 19/20 Cloud Spreadsheet requests is Friday 19 February.

As we’re approaching the 31 January deadline, we’ve had a large influx of requests for 2019/20 cloud spreadsheets. Our team work closely with Microsoft to ensure these are generated within a maximum of 48 hours, however as we approach the end of the month, we need to manage expectations whilst also trying to turn around the generation of these spreadsheets.

Therefore, the last date to request a 19/20 Cloud Spreadsheet is midnight on Tuesday 26 January.

After this date, the ability to request spreadsheets will be disabled on our website.

By adding an internal deadline for these, it will ensure our team can turnaround any requests for spreadsheets and notify that they are available. The 2019/20 downloadable spreadsheet will continue to be available until the 31 January deadline.