Facebook Tax Group

We’re pleased to run a friendly Facebook group to allow you to find answers to common questions, communicate with our team, and receive the latest updates for both our network and tax matters.

If you cannot find the question you’re looking for, you can post directly to our community for help.

Below are our group guidelines, terms and conditions. Accessing the group means your acceptance of these terms.

  • Search before posting. You may find the answer has already been provided.
  • Please don’t private message (PM) group members without permission (i.e. solicit members)
  • Please don’t use the platform to advertise you, your product or services
  • Support all other members, you’ll be supported in return!
  • Please don’t post anything inappropriate or hurtful to others
  • At Malgra, we do provide a number of bookkeeping options for consultants, however you’ll find that we rarely advertise these in the group. We also appreciate that others don’t advertise within the group.
  • The purpose of the group is to share and help each other completing their own tax responsibilities – as such, we’ll remain impartial where possible and will not inappropriately push our products or services on any members of the Facebook group.
How does Malgra use my data?

Malgra Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, reference ZA295189. You can find out how we use your data on the ICO Website.

Legal information

Things our legal team have advised

You must not post anything in the group:

  • where the copyright is the property of somebody else
  • that could cause a breach of any law
  • that might be defamatory, offensive, pornographic, liable to incite hatred, could be threatening, abusive, or a breach of privacy

We’re therefore not responsible for any things external to our control, such as:

  • changes to Facebook’s terms of service, or privacy policy
  • relationships or communication with other members
  • details provided within posts made by group members
  • For best practice, professional advice should always be sought in cases of doubt or unusual complexity.
  • All information is provided in good faith, where possible with links to HMRC Guidance.