End of line: PVC Card Holders

Following our announcement last August, we have now depleted sales of all PVC Member Card Holders from our online store.

We do not anticipate receiving any further Member Card Holders for sale through the Malgra store.

Alternative products

We’re aware that there is currently no included card holder slot within member packs. There is also a balance between issuing new additional plastic member cards and plastic wallets to hold these securely.

We have been made aware that a large manufacturer of plastic card holders, Pelltech, are currently looking into sustainably-sourced and recycled plastic for use as card holders.

There’s information on products available on their Amazon page.

Previous Announcement (3 August 2019)

Since 2013, we’ve sold over 790,000 member card holders to Slimming World Consultants, and it continues to be our most popular product. However we know that the number being used in regular circulation will be far lower, and worryingly, the waste plastic from this amount is something we cannot begin to imagine.

Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to cease sales of our popular Member Card Holders. This will take affect from the end of our current stock levels, which are forecast to run until the end of November. We have no plans to continue with the replenishing of these stocks once they have gone.

We appreciate that Member Card Holders are essential for consultants to help members’ keep their membership cards safe with their books, and we would recommend that future designs of member packs include the ability to hold these cards safely in such a way which reduces waste plastic. Additionally, the materials used can be from recycled backgrounds, to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.

At Malgra, we’re aiming to be plastic free in all of our products and services going forward – working with our partners (such as our book publishing team) to ensure that the amount of plastic and non-recyclable items are eliminated where possible, and using organisations which follow the same ethos.

Thank you for your support with this.