Account Viewer Calculators

To make things extra simple when preparing your Virtual Group Account Viewer information for your Malgra Spreadsheet, you can use these calculators to work out the specific values to enter.

There’s two calculators, one if you have just a single virtual group during the month, and one for if you’ve had several virtual groups. Both calculators will use the information you provide to calculate your Net Fees A, Retained Earnings and Supplemental Income (Credits) received.

Please select the calculator you need.
You may need to login to your Malgra (free or Plus) account to use these.

How to use the Calculators

The calculators are designed to be really simple to use, and rely on information from your weekly Virtual Group Account Viewer. The information should be provided directly into the relevant boxes, which will do the calculations for you.

The animation below shows how to input your details. No data is saved from this calculator.

For example, we’re using this virtual group viewer example

Entering data into the single group calculator:

The figures at the bottom can then be entered into your Malgra Spreadsheet as normal, as shown below. The other income value can go into the Income section further down on your monthly summary.

Multiple virtual groups in one month

If you wish, you can simple work out each individual group and add into the relevant column on your PFS document. If you’ve run some in-person groups as well as virtual, you can use the MultiGroup calculator to work out the figures which fit into just one column within your spreadsheet.