Business Accounts Spreadsheet 2020/21

We’re pleased to confirm that the Business Accounts Spreadsheet 2020/21 will be released on 17 April 2020. This is our 6th Annual Spreadsheet!

The new version includes several new features over the core 2019/20 spreadsheet


This new spreadsheet covers the period of 6 April 2020 – 5 April 2021.

New Features

  • Enhanced Business Reports
    (Including indicative VAT Thresholds, more Taxation calculations, Payments on Account (new!) and National Insurance)
  • Support for Relief Groups
  • Better sundries management (for more complex calculations)
  • Integration for Team Developers (with our Team Developer spreadsheet)

Following the launch, we’ll be running several webinars over the coming weeks to demonstrate how to use the new features, and how to get your accounts off to the best start possible for 2020/21!

Delay in launch: Please accept our apologies for the delay in launching our new spreadsheet. We had expected to release this in late March 2020, however following the coronavirus pandemic, our teams have been busy supporting self employed consultants through Covid-19 updates and support.

Cloud Spreadsheets

If you currently have a Malgra Cloud Spreadsheet, you’ll be able to request a new 2020/21 spreadsheet on Wednesday 15 April which will be ready for launch on Friday 17 April. You will be able to request a new spreadsheet through your Malgra Portal.

Team Developer Spreadsheet

In addition, our Team Developer Spreadsheet 2020/21 will also launch on this date. Presently there are only minor background changes to the spreadsheet, and no new features at this time.

We will however be launching a new Cloud Team Developer spreadsheet at the end of April 2020.

Info: Malgra has been providing spreadsheets to consultants since 2015. In 2019, our Cloud Spreadsheet system launched, providing self employed consultants with simple and easy ways to manage their business using our tools and reports. A Malgra Plus account is required to access a Cloud Spreadsheet.