Budget 2020 – 11 March 2020

Today around 12.30 (after PMQ’s), the next budget is announced by the chancellor Rishi Sunak in parliament- he’s only been in the over a month, so this will be an interesting day of announcements, most probably which were decided before he had settled in and found where the kettle was…

The budget was due last Autumn, however it was delayed due to the General Election.
There has been little announcement on what changes are due, however there’s usually a change to National Insurance, Personal Allowances and also some pence added to the price of your beer or wine. VAT is rumoured to possibly change, as is fuel tax.

We’ll post an update later, and then changes to the tax guide will be completed over the next few weeks as the new tax year (6 April 2020) approaches.

If you’ve pre-ordered the new Consultant Accounts Book (the printed version), these are awaiting final announcements from the government today before we send to the printers, and have these dispatched in the first few days of April. The change of the date of the budget has delayed this while we wait for confirmation of changes.